Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ozzfest 2007

Ozzfest tickets were free this year, I just had to jump through a couple hoops to get them; I scored three. I have never actually been to Ozzfest before. Cost was usually a factor, as well as the lineup just never seemed that outstanding to me. Unfortunately, I'd say that the lineup this year is the worst yet, but considering the cost of the tickets, I'm not surprised.

I am looking forward to seeing Lamb of God and their Wall of Death without actually financially supporting their endeavours. I'm sure that I will also enjoy Static-X, as well as Lordi (a distant cousin of Gwar). The rest of the bands are a bunch of no-namers that will suffice as background music as I enjoy observing and interacting with the crowd. At events like this, the crowd is usually more entertaining than the show itself, with somewhat of a carnival atmosphere.

I've already seen Ozzy once, about 10 years ago with Korn & the Deftones, and I don't really care to see him again. He's old, funny to watch him hobble about yelling at the crowd, but he's old. I'll use that to my advantage to leave early and beat the traffic.

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Natty Bummpo said...

ur not staying for ozzy?!! ur killing me.

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