Saturday, August 18, 2007

Girl Talk - Night Ripper

A friend of mine, Victor over at My Living Mind, gave me a CD this week called Night Ripper by a DJ named Girl Talk. Apparently this guy, his real name is Greg Gillis, takes a bunch of different songs, and mashes them up into a new song. He uses at least a dozen songs for each one of the tracks. I don't know if what he is doing is legal, probably not (because the rich always get richer), but I loved it. This type of "music" was made for me. He deftly crossed the boundaries of both genre and time, covering the last three decades worth of hip-hop, dance, pop, rock, retro, grunge, etc. I popped it in for the first time and listened to it all the way through.


Chad said...

Track 5, Juicy by Biggie mashed up with Tiny Dancer. It's the hotness!

Mayoliv said...

Thanks for the Shout Out! I appreciate it.


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